Introverted Sensing

Introverted Sensing is the impression that sensing experiences create in the subject. Since each experience is comprised of both an objective element and a subjective element, introverted sensing is the correlative to extraverted sensing in that it registers the unique facets of each individual experience. Similarly, Introverted Sensing comprises the somatic experience of psychic events; in such a way Si is the energic a priori of the synthesis created by Ni. As an irrational function Si provides information unconsciously often regurgitating it in highly individualistic and archaic forms. This “archaic” character represents the unique mold of the sensual impression, the stripping away, so to speak of all non-essential data, and the preservation of the phenomenon of ennervation. In this way, those with Si as a dominant function excel at producing, from the ether of collective sensing experience, this stored data, with a particular emphasis upon reproducing the initial conditions of the experience itself. In such a way Si acts as a filter through which all sensing data is finely compared against all previous sensory data leading to a finely constructed bio-history. –